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SOUNDMIX.STUDIO - Music Composition, Audio Editing and Production Services by C.P.Bryan...

Soundtracks for video, films, video games and multimedia:

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  • Administration of an online database of production music containing approximately 1,600 recordings - at least 20% of which have been either written, co-written or produced by C.P.Bryan.
  • Video producers can obtain user accounts to search the database or request consultation services to help quickly locate the right music to use in their soundtrack.
  • New customized mixes of existing material can be created from the large archive of multitrack sessions, or completely new music can be composed to suit special requirements of a project. Special rates for music composition are available for video producers who do not want or need exclusive use of new recordings.

For immediate guest acces to the soundtrack database for previewing music or to sign-up as a registered user, go to [FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC ON FACEBOOK]

Music Arrangement, Remixing, Production and Mastering ...

sound mixing and production for recording artists
  • Mixing and production of recordings by bands, solo musicians and vocalists for demos, singles or album releases
  • Remixing of previously released recordings, including dance, DUB and ambient formats
  • Can work with existing multitrack audio projects in Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase or Sonic Foundry Acid formats.
  • Mastering of existing recordings using IK Multimedia's T-Racks mastering system.
  • Editing, loop production and clean up of audio files using Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge audio editing software.
  • Audio recording and mastering of narration (or "voice-over") tracks for video production.
  • Can add bass, percussions, guitar or keyboard tracks to existing composition to create a "full band" sound.

Examples of previous music composition and sound production work by C.P.Bryan:

  • Track Name: Jazz Hands Mania
  • Description: A perky, energetic electronic jazz track from the Stargazer Jazz trio. Recorded, mixed and produced by C.P.Bryan (available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon or free streaming for Spotify users).
  • Preview:

  • Track Name: I Dream of Summer
  • Description: This light pop rock track is a good illustration of a "full band" sound where bass, guitar and drum parts were written, performed and recorded by C.P.Bryan.
  • Preview:

  • Track Name: Keyboard Funk Jam
  • Description: A track co-written with recording artist Steve Lowther (released as recording artisit "Lowther & Bryan"). Bouyant, upbeat, slightly jazzy soundtrack music for current events programs, talkshows or intros and outros for episodes on YouTube channels:
  • Preview:

  • Track Name: JVP-X-ELEVEN-3
  • Description: A cinematic electronic arrangement of a piece originally written by neoclassical composer (and contributor to the F.S.M. library, Sergey Rybytskyy. Synthesizer voicing, mixing and production by C.P.Bryan.
  • Preview:


Always big fan of the old school, surreal, collage-style of rock videos which were being produced in the first wave of music networks like MTV, Bryan has filmed and edited a number of short films to promote and accentuate his audio recordings, including "Forms and Structures 2: The Alien View" which is a companion piece to the composition "Bedtime for the Martian Baby":

C.P.Bryan is currently located in Prince George, British Columbia and can provide on-site mixing and production services anywhere within the province. Remote online collaborations are also possible (and have proved successful without any major complications in the past). If you would like to inquire about any of the services listed on this page, please contact to discuss further...